Obatala Sciences

Our Story

Our Story


In the West African mythologies, Obatala is the God tasked with sculpting the human body. According to the Yoruba people, an ethnic group found predominantly in Nigeria, Obatala created human bodies from clay and mud. Obatala Sciences, Inc. was named as such to demonstrate our commitment to creating more accurate models of human tissue, starting with their building blocks: the cells.


We strive to build models not just focused on a ‘one size fits all’ approach at the cellular level, but models inclusive of all human beings. Therefore, the Oba brand is committed to promoting representation of all ethnicities across all its operations: starting with the development of our products all the way to our staff diversity.


Our products are developed from a pool of human donors representing multiple ethnicities, age groups, and genders. In this way, Obatala Sciences is dedicated to advancing research in prevention of disease in all ethnicities.